Prepping The Butt For Anal Delights

So I have been training my bum with toys and butt plugs this week!!

I have had a tail plug in my butt and my pussy drilled at the same time.

I have never had DP before!! Thanks to my friend that helped me.

I am obsessed. I went to Eros in Freeport yesterday knowing that I needed a ton of more lubricant. I have now discovered silicone lube over water based. It feels so much nicer and it does not dry up.

I had to come straight home and try it out of course. I slid in a medium sized plug and wore it for a couple of hours. Wow, it is such an amazing feeling!!!

My butt feels a little tender today but I still wanted to do it again. This time I got a lube gadget that puts lube inside your ass. I then put some on my plug before slowly sliding it in. I must was a lot easier this time! I can only grow from here!!

Tomorrow I think I will wear it in public under my clothes!

I found this article online today on how to train your ass for anal fun.

How To Prepare For Anal Sex

Here is a cute video I found for your enjoyment!

Shopping With A Butt Plug