Trinity's Toy Haul At Cindies In Houston

As you may know by now. I am a Sex Toy Addict. I love them for myself and toys for boys!!

I finally arrive back in Houston last week and decided to do some sexy shopping at

These are the toys I purchased, my ideas/plans for them and my reviews so far for each one.

1. Unicorn Tails Butt Blug  I think these are so sexy and fun. Its hot to have a cute little tail while getting fucked.

I will be playing with this later today. I will take some photos and video of my experimentation. 

I plan to slide it into my tight asshole while playing with my clit and pussy.

In the near future, I would really like to have it in my butt while someone is drilling my pussy.  Maybe even take some photos.

2. Strapless Silicone Dildo

I could not find a link for this on Cindies Website but you can find it in many other places.

I could not wait to try this on!! It is very silky smooth silicon material!

I slid the end for me inside and took a peek in the mirror. The vision was so hot and I imagined pegging my partner with the other end of this. I also put the other end inside of me to see how it felt and fit. The head of this dildo is very bulbous with a wide head. It was a tight fit but it felt great sliding past my G-spot!!  It also has a vibrating bullet that fits in the base. 

I am looking forward to some pegging fun with an eager volunteer. I love this because I'm going to be cumming so hard at the same time. 

Here are some inspirational videos

1. Strapless Strapon Play

2. She Loves To Play

3. Power Clit and Cock Pump: 

This was the first item that I have been wanting to play with for a long time. The sucking feeling on my clit is out of this World!!!  I got wet instantly and had an amazing climax!!  I also like toys for boys and anything that enhances my partner's pleasure.  I tried this out with a friend yesterday and he is HOOKED NOW.       He said he wants to buy one.  He also has slight prostate issues and trouble getting HARD, as he is a more mature gentleman. 

I put this over his cocked and began gently pumping. He got so hard and he said bigger than usual. I alternated pumping his cock and then sucking him also. He exploded so goooood!!!!  Happy Guy!!

Check out these sexy videos I found.

1. pumping_her_pussy_and_plowing_her_ass

2. pump_wet_beaver

3. Pump His Cock and Suck Him

4. Adam's Colossal 12 Inch Dildo

I have an intense curiosity and fetish for Large Dildos. I personally have not tried to fit anything this big in my pussy, but I sure want to get into training. I love this because it has a suction base and is compatible with a harness. With that we can have some strapon pegging heaven!!! Any takers? 

Here are a couple of great videos I found on how this can be explored

1. 12--inch-king-cock-dildo-rider

2. _pegging_guy_hard_and_deep._very_brutal_and_sexy_strap-on_wet_orgasm

3. Man and Woman Share a double Dildo and Fucking


Stayed tuned for my OWN pics and video of this fun!!

5. Pink Sparkle Foaming Toy Cleaner

I take excellent care of my toys to ensure attractiveness, safety, and cleanliness.

New Improved Formula! Keep your bedroom toys clean to ensure your intimacy is healthy and safe. Our unique foaming formula stays where you put it and evenly coats your toy to ensure complete clean-up. Safe for use on all latex, rubber, silicone, and glass items, and will never dry out or damage toys. Our little bottle lasts 50% longer than spray cleaners.
 Easy apply foam
 Scent and pigment free
 Safe for all toys
 Alcohol, glycerin, paraben free
 Washes off with soap and water
 New improved formula

NOTE: Wipe toy with a clean cloth and always rinse toy with plain water and dry before insertion.